What is FESAPI?

This project provides C++ classes which allow an easy access in import and export to the Energistics™ standards: especially RESQML™ and partly WITSML™ and PRODML™. These C++ classes are constructed on top of gSOAP classes which allow easy XML serialization and deserialization. They are also associated to HDF5 libraries for importing and exporting numerical values into efficient binary files as the Energistics Standards specify. Finally, this project comes with some SWIG wrappers in order to expose the C++ classes to .NET, JAVA, Python application (and why not other languages in the future such as JavaScript).

What is FESPP?

This project provides RESQML import functionalities to ParaView. This mainly allows to easily display RESQML data in a well known and robust 3d viewer. Because this plugin basically converts RESQML data into VTK data, all ParaView filters can be used on imported RESQML data. This plugin also provides a tree view of the content of an EPC document and can show metadata associated to most of RESQML data.


RESQML, WITSML and PRODML are trademarks or registered trademarks of Energistics Consortium, Inc.